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Recent News Items:

Grayson County EOC Report
Posted on October 20th, 2014 at 12:34:56 PM by Mayor Sherry E. Howard
We are receiving questions from concerned residents and stakeholders centering on these two questions: Do we have a plan? Are we prepared?

The hospitals, the health department and OEM staff are committed to allaying fears by reminding everyone that we do have a plan but not just for Ebola but for any type of infectious disease outbreak as well as for monitoring/surveillance and precautions against such events -- and much of the work involved related to Ebola is no different than infectious disease precautions taken every day by responders and health professionals.

Dr. Bennett reminded us today in a meeting, and again later in a news interview, of the fact that the threat from Ebola for us here in the US is much different that the threat in other countries with less capacity.

But that is not to say that we are not taking serious steps to insure our plans are in place and ready to fully implement. Today, we began finalization of our Ebola Incident Action Plan so that all of our Health Department and EOC personnel are ready to go just in case. We discussed joint public information and careful messaging with our hospital partners.

The objectives for Grayson County match those of the State of Texas four objectives outlined today by David Lakey, MD, the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services on multiple conference calls:

1)Stop exposure of people in Texas to Ebola;
2)Identification of anyone who has been exposed;
3)Monitoring of anyone who has been exposed -- thru lawfully ordered quarantine if necessary; and
4)Compassionate and safe care of those who with the Ebola disease.

We will work with our health care partners to insure accurate information is disseminated and that rumor control/message management is given appropriate priority. The Grayson County PIO for this event will be Amanda Ortez, the Health Department Director, with back up from Dr. Bennett and others on their team.

The CDC encourages you to visit the CDC Ebola webpage for the most updated information on the 2014 Ebola response and to share this information with your jurisdiction personnel.
(end of news entry)

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